2019 Enrolments

Welcome to Currawa Primary School, a school where students are encouraged to learn in an innovative and nurturing environment.


At Currawa Primary School, we take pride in promoting a friendly atmosphere where parents, students and teachers work together to generate quality educational opportunities for the children. The values that we strive to emulate at Currawa Primary School are; Teamwork, Curiosity and Enthusiasm. These values form the basis of all that we do.


Within the whole-school classroom, we have a strong emphasis on Reading, Writing and Number. We also incorporate Science into all learning areas that we can. Our Science curriculum promotes the use of collaborative learning teams and enquiry-based learning. Children have clearly defined roles within their work teams as they are encouraged to explore, ask their own questions and predict outcomes to problems.


In 2017 we started a Mandarin program. This program is taught to the students using Polycom technologies. The Mandarin program looks at culture, conversation, reading and writing. We had an overnight cultural excursion to Bendigo in 2017 to work with 40 students visiting from China. In 2018 we plan to build on our Mandarin program and incorporate it further into our curriculum.


The school boasts its own school bus which enables us to connect with other schools, local organisations and participate in a large number of learning opportunities outside of our spacious classroom and Science Laboratory. The school grounds are stunning and perched below Mount Major, but above the picturesque University of Melbourne - Dookie Campus.


If you would like to know more about the school or come and see what we have to offer for yourself, please contact Principal Tim Seal for more information on (03) 58 286 581 or 0427715219.