Celebrating Cultural Diversity at Currawa Primary School

The 19-27 March was Cultural Diversity Week and the students at Currawa Primary School have been exploring and celebrating cultural diversity.

Students discussed what cultural diversity means and completed a range of activities celebrating cultural diversity at Currawa. The students also created a short video celebrating cultural diversity and are going to enter this into the Victorian Multicultural Film Festival competition for schools. 

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Week was an opportunity for us to shine a light on the many cultures that shape our great school. Victoria is known for its multiculturalism. Victorians make up more than 200 countires and collectively speak 260 languages and follow 135 different faiths. Schools play a critical role in strengthening cultural inclusion in our community. They provide an environment where acceptance of diversity, knowing other cultures and understanding global and local issues is developd and part of everyday life. By providing sfae, inclusive and welcoming classrooms, teachers help students feel a sense of belonging and connection to their school and community.