Principal's Message


Currawa Primary School - The Little School Where Science Rules


At Currawa we are fortunate to have a very congenial group of families. The sense of belonging experienced within this small group gives our children an insight into the importance of community. Parents are actively involved in their children's education and are very welcome at the school. We take pride in promoting a friendly atmosphere where parents, students and teachers work together to generate quality educational opportunities for the children. The values we endeavour to uphold are; Accepting, Curious and Enthusiastic (ACE). These values form the basis of all that we do.


Within the whole-school classroom, we have a strong emphasis on Reading, Writing and Numeracy. We incorporate Science into all learning areas that we can. Our Science curriculum promotes the use of collaborative learning teams and enquiry-based learning. Children have clearly defined roles within their work teams as they are encouraged to explore, ask their own questions and predict outcomes to problems.


We have a very strong focus on Science and we run a Chinese (Mandarin) program that focuses on speaking, reading, writing and culture. Students have access to a wide resources, as well as having access to their own iPad and computer. Visiting teachers and tutors in the areas of Art, Library and Physical Education round off the educational program.


During term 4, we are offering transition days, where children interested in our school are encouraged to attend and experience the schools unique culture for themselves.

For more information, please contact us on (03) 5828 6581 or 0427 715 219.

Rebecca Brown